Case Study – Animated Art for Customer Engagement

The Client:

Holloway Gallery are based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. They wanted a way of getting people’s attention as they walked past the gallery, in the day time, or at night. The clients are people who do not take themselves too seriously, so they wanted the gallery to have a fun feel about it – rather than the very formal energies that they can have.

The Brief:

  • Design some animated art for their front walk-in area that would catch the eye of the customers, and give an opportunity to add to the fun atmosphere of the gallery, hopefully increasing sales and engagement.
  • The artwork was to loop repeatedly and also run at night so that anyone walking past the gallery could also watch it and then get curious enough to want to visit at a later date.

Our Solution:

  • After receiving the list of artworks to be used, we sat with the client and discussed the options for animating the images in line with their ideas.
  • The art was brought into Photoshop and cut into pieces to be animated, or touched up and extra bits added that were needed for each ‘scenario’.
  • The layers were exported to After Effects and then animated as necessary, allowing for the use of sound effects and music tracks.
  • The art was created for a large screen, that would be housed in an ornate golden frame in the gallery. It was in portrait format, which suited the general aspect of all the art.

The Outcome:

  • This eye catching display worked brilliantly in situ, with many people coming into the gallery to browse and chat with the owners about the animations
  • Many people stopped to watch the whole loop (over 5 mins) multiple times!
  • Many people asked if they could buy the animation!
  • Chuckles and Joy was spread to many people over many years
“The animations that Kylie from To The Point Productions did for our art gallery were extremely successful on so many levels. At the front street entrance of the gallery we mounted a large TV turned on its side, framed by an ornate gold gilt frame. The animations ran throughout the day, catching the eye of people passing by and literally stopping them in their tracks. They would stand chuckling at the animations and then be drawn inside to look around. The animations also served the purpose of taking the ‘stuffiness’ out of art, which is the image we wanted to portray with the gallery, making art appreciated, accessible and affordable to everyone. The perfect marriage of clever animation with music and sound effects proved to be a powerful retail tool. Thanks for your inspired work Kylie!”
Annie Holloway
Holloway Gallery

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