Case Study – Blue Gum Farm TV – Cool for Kids

The Client:

Incorporating music, song and storytelling, this is an authenticity (and educational) journey through rural Australia that children love! A little bit quirky and a whole lot of fun, the Blue Gum Farm TV series teaches children about fresh food production and introduces them to the adventures of the Australian Outback!

The Brief:

  • I have been working with Cilla from Blue Gum Farm since 2015
  • She has needed DVD and Audio CD artwork for her Product releases, and has just completed chapter 4 of the series
  • Supporting materials for sale – T shirts
  • Promotional documents for live show marketing
  • Animated materials for Sweet Mandi episode on the DVD
  • Photo Retouching and composites for social media

Our Solution:

  • In 2015, we created the first DVD and Audio CD artwork by liaising with the client and getting images from the actual Blue Gum Farm to make an authentic looking cover. We went through a couple of versions and fine tuning to get exactly what the client wanted.
  • In 2017 the next chapter of Blue Gum Farm was created, and this time we wanted a different look and feel to the first chapter, to make them easy to spot on a bookshelf. This one featured Cilla in all aspects of the farm, creating her more as the ‘face’ of Blue Gum Farm.
  • In 2019 chapter 3 was created. In this chapter, there was a ‘team’ of 3 that needed to be featured on the cover to bring the ‘Live in concert’ theme to life.
  • In 2021 Chapter 4  was all about the kids, but also a more sophisticated front cover, and the theme of ‘legends of the bush’ – a graphical icon that we created to brand this chapter.
  • The insides of all the DVD covers promote the previous titles – helping more sales.
  • Various promotional assets were created, along with kids t-shirts to help generate more income at live concerts as well as to be purchased online!

The Outcome:

  • The Series has been gaining in popularity, and despite the problems associated with the COVID situation, live shows have been getting back on track and continue to be popular with the kids and their parents!
"In the process of developing and running my business I have selected a small group of creatives that have been integral in the smooth delivery of a broad range of projects. I have come to know and trust Kylie Smith and To The Point Productions to manage a broad range of creative and designs projects over the past 8 years. It has been a long term working relationship and one that I value for many reasons. The quick turn-around and on-time delivery of tasks that To The Point Productions have offered is invaluable. And the fact that projects are delivered to a high standard at a reasonable rate (with no inflated costings or unnecessary expenses) is always refreshing. To The Point Productions have helped me with many design projects across many different platforms - from animation for TV/Video broadcasting and PowerPoint presentations to print publication design and layout and fabric designs for printing on clothing items. Kylie always brings a great energy to my creative projects and I appreciate everything she has brought to my business over the years."
Cilla Pershouse
Creator, Blue Gum Farm TV

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