Case Study – Corporate Infographics

The Client(s):

  • Deswik delivers innovative solutions to the mining industry via a suite of mobile applications. With over 350 companies worldwide using their apps, they wanted clean, on-brand assets to use with their video productions.
  • Bartercard has been in the ecommerce sector for decades, providing an alternative to cash sales. They need their videos to clearly and simply communicate to potential new members what they have to offer.

The Brief(s):

  • Animated logos and graphical elements were required for both clients.
  • For Deswik, there are multiple logos to be animated, but they must all share the same look and feel. They also needed the new animated logos to be done quickly with a 1 or 2 day turnaround.
  • Bartercard were wanting to do a push on their branding and service offerings, and wanted a video that would be shown to interested business owners that registered via their website.
  • The video was to clarify how Bartercard works for business owners as well as customers, and highlight all the benefits that were available.
  • The video was needed in a short time frame, (4 weeks for 3 x 7 minute videos) to be ready for a business expo they were holding in Sydney.
  • Bartercard had a powerpoint slideshow of what they had been using in the past, but it was very text-heavy and not very engaging.
  • They needed a combination of the content from the slideshows and custom animation done to bring their message to life for interested viewers.
  • A Voice over and music was also required for the Bartercard project

Our Solution(s):


  • We spent some time making sure the template for Deswick was what the client wanted for logos, then made sure everything was made in accordance with this
  • Custom graphics were created with other styles specified by the client
  • Always calling the client if more details were needed, rather than guesswork and having to re-do the animations always saved much time. Good communications are essential!
  • We created all the animations in after effects, working with elements supplied to us in illustrator.


  • After studying the powerpoint and the revised script that we were given from Bartercard, I mapped out a rough idea of what we were going to do, explained this to the client and was given the go-ahead to do an initial animation to see how it would look.
  • We managed to simplify the amount of text needed on screen and added animation elements to keep the engagement levels high.
  • by keeping a nice bright and clean look to the project it did not look too overwhelming on the eye.
  • Kept to the colours of the Bartercard branding wherever possible
  • Created all the animations in after effects, working with elements supplied to us from powerpoint.
  • Used Photoshop to create the backgrounds and create extra graphical elements.
  • The music and voice track unified the project with a great mature female voice.
  • By the time we squeezed everything into the video, we managed to get them closer to the 6 minute mark – keeping them nice and snappy.
  • A 70 sec cutdown version is available for public viewing.

The Outcome:

  • Deswik has been using our services for over 5 years now, and are always happy with the results and the timeframe they are provided in. It gives them consistency in their branding with their print and web products, allowing them to keep costs down by keeping most things in-house.
  • Bartercard was very happy with the outcome and the video/s have been played many times to prospective audiences. They came back a month later and got us to do a new Zealand version for their next business expo.
"Kylie is always professional and prompt to respond to our needs. The graphics look great, thanks so much – and thanks for always getting it through to us so quickly!"
Cecile Jaques
Marketing Manager, Deswik
“The vids look and sound great! Thanks so much!”
Anna Vaporis
Marketing, Bartercard

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