Case Study – Self Help Course – with RosemarieD

The Client:

RosemarieD is a psychologist based in Far North Queensland. She has been helping people in person with their anxiety and other issues for decades. She wanted to expand her helping reach in the form of a Self Help eCourse that could be done in the comfort of your own home.

The Brief:

  • To Create an online eCourse to help people with their self-esteem and anxiety
  • To put into video format an easy to navigate and information rich course, that people can browse in their own time
  • Build a range of downloadable resources that accompany the course
  • Design social media pages and groups to compliment the course
  • Create eBooks and Audio Books as marketing materials
  • Design business cards for in-person meetings

Our Solution:

  • As per any professional project, we invested the time to properly understand what Rosemarie’s vision was and what was going to be needed to correctly assist this amazing psychologist, making sure we were both on the same page about how to best present this course to the audience.
  • Understanding that many people that would be watching this would be suffering from a variety of different personal issues, we wanted the user interface to be as simple and calming as possible.
  • We used very friendly fonts and colours throughout and when creating the logo, and Rosemarie’s soothing voice to guide the way.
  • Script guidance, voice recording, editing and powerpoint slide creation all combined to make 25 simple and effective episodes to help people help themselves.
  • Coaching Rosemarie on how to present her information in a way that will also work visually for the audience. Getting her to understand the process of video production was critical.
  • For ongoing marketing we are now creating FB posts weekly for audience engagement.
  • The course is offered as a one off payment or on a repayment plan.
  • We put the course on as a ‘course only’ option without the ability to have calls with Rosemarie, for those who did not want to interact with a person. The Mastermind platform provides an opportunity to be exposed to a worldwide market. It also provides the opportunity to track the progress of the participants to see how quickly they navigate the program.
  • The platform provides the opportunity to also get fortnightly access to Rosemarie on group calls and also interact with other participants and Rosemarie on Facebook private groups.

The Outcome:

  • The course is now on as well as through 
  • Rosemarie is delighted with the results! At the beginning of the process she was very overwhelmed at the task ahead of her… now she is proud of what she has achieved and can’t imagine what all the fuss was about … LOL
“I felt very comfortable working with Kylie. She magically seemed to always understand where I was coming from, so she was able to precisely translate my thoughts into graphical concepts – which was refreshing and effective. I am absolutely delighted with the results of the course she created in PowerPoint and all my branding elements. Everyone I have shown it to has reacted very positively! I would recommend Kylie and her team anytime, and I would love to continue working with Kylie into the future."

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