Case Study – Light Transitions New Business

The Client:

Light Transitions was founded in 2019, and needed all the assets you would expect of a small business. Alison has a great attention to detail, so everything had to look just right.

The Brief:

  • To create all the items that a new small business that requires to start trading and looking professional.
  • To build and create a Logo, website, business cards, email signatures, banners, flyers, name tags etc.

Our Solution:

  • We created all these marketing materials and assets ising a mixture of Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop and WordPress.
  • We created a simple and clean logo that would work well as mono or colour.
  • The website is aimed at the elderly, so is easy to read, not too busy whilst remaining easy to navigate.
  • Brochures and banners that also are easy to read.
  • Car magnets for more public exposure.
  • Business cards and flyers for mailbox drops and posting to complimentary businesses.
  • Bold but comforting use of colours.

The Outcome

  • The website is generating enquiries that lead to jobs.
  • The brochures and posters are also generating enquiries and promoting services at events.
  • There is always a professional appearance when turning up to a house for meeting or work.
  • The client was happy with the results!
“I have had the great fortune to work with Kylie, from To The Point Productions, several times now in relation to my business Light Transitions. She has proved herself to be highly knowledgeable with a finely tuned attention to detail, and even came up with some great suggestions to help make my website even better! Thanks Kylie!”
Alison Eaton
Light Transitions

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