Frequently Asked Questions

Once we have had a chance to discuss your job with you, we can give a fairly accurate timeframe to expect your job completed. There are other factors that need to be considered if there are elements coming from a variety of sources, but we know how fast we are, it’s just a matter of how fast you are too! We all work much better with a solid night’s sleep, so some pre-planning and quality time management by us both can go a long way in making everything run smoothly.

Sure we can, but you also have to be realistic with what awesome things cost to make. Everything is possible on a multitude of budgets, but if you really want a good idea of what something will actually cost, give us a call! We will happily give you any information you need to figure out exactly what you want!! We love budgets, but we love even more the realistic ones!

For new clients and larger budget jobs, our standard terms incorporate 30% up front on acceptance of the quote, and if it is a long-term job, we factor in another progress payment of 30%. Then depending on our negotiations, the final payment will either trigger delivery of your product, or you may have 7 days to pay the final invoice. All our billing is done electronically, so you will receive your invoices via email, and we prefer direct bank transfers to pay us. We are registered for GST, so our quotes will incorporate that as an item.

Yep. Our digital creations can be tailored to suit any delivery platform – from social media tweets, posts and pics, YouTube videos, blog posts, website content, banners and ads, powerpoint presentations for webinars and conferences to good old fashioned printed handouts, banners and books!

Just some of the benefits of working with us include:

  • That warm and fuzzy feeling when you know someone ‘gets you’ and can help achieve what you are after
  • Your project will finally get finished – and look great!
  • Increases in general levels of happiness and satisfaction seeing your ideas come to life
  • Your target audience will learn things about your business, your offerings, your value, your points of difference etc, that they previously did not know about. YAY!
  • Your manager/partner/conscience will stop hassling you to get things done – we’ll be onto it!
  • Knowing that you have a heart-based business complimenting your business makes it easier to help more people – in the right ways

  1. You get to work directly with your designer - as an independent freelancer, I handle all aspects of the design process, so you get to work directly with your designer, and I’m able to give you my full attention. Occasionally I have other people collaborating with me, but I am always driving the project and fully accountable and contactable.
  2. I’m here to help you - I’m always happy to answer your questions, so don’t be afraid to ask!
  3. I am flexible with my time - I’m able to contact you outside of business hours to suit your schedule, and if needed I can work weekends and evenings to meet deadlines (subject to availability, surcharge may apply).
  4. I offer quality, affordable services - my prices are as affordable as possible, but I never compromise on quality.
  5. No hidden fees or charges - I’m upfront and honest about my prices. I can provide fixed-price quotes so there are no surprises, and I offer affordable prices for stock photos and premium fonts!

Our Guarantee

We are highly experienced professional people who get work done ahead of schedule. You will not be left in the dark or left hanging waiting for work to be finished. We have never let anyone down and we have no plans to either.  If for some completely bizzare reason that did happen, we will refund your money. That is our guarantee.

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