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The quality of your next PowerPoint presentation could be the difference between people engaging with your presentation vs total disinterest in your next public speaking engagement, important meeting or proposal. 

Creating a vibrant, engaging and informative PowerPoint presentation can be daunting for some… but not for us! We have been creating high quality PowerPoint presentations for the past 17+ years. 

We will ensure that that the PowerPoint presentation visuals add life, are entertaining and create a “WOW factor”! No more “death by PowerPoint!”

We’ve all been there – stuck in a conference, meeting room or training seminar and you’re trying to keep your eyes open as the speaker whiz’s through a bunch of boring slides built on the same template we have all seen a hundred times before.

What if your next presentation is aided by a great PowerPoint presentation that holds the interest and attention of the people you’re trying to reach?

Maybe you’d like an exciting background with some animations on a certain slide to help express your message more effectively, or add a little humour to your presentation? What about adding video or audio to take a bit of the pressure off you and convey a highly professional image? Now that’s the type of presentation that gets noticed and makes your life easier!

We can turnaround your presentation lightning fast so you can prepare for that last minute meeting or upcoming engagement. Here’s how we do it…

The Process:

  1. We compile and review your supplied material and develop an outline, which covers what each slide should set out to achieve. We also begin work on any animated components if required.
  2. We then develop a draft of the presentation for approval.
  3. Final tweaks and changes are made, and the presentation is optimised.
  4. You now have your presentation to share with your target audience.
    And the great thing is at this stage you still have complete control over your presentation, so you can make any final last minute changes or customise you presentation for different audiences quickly and easily.

Need help at your next Conference?

Do you have multiple speakers speaking at your event and need it to all seamlessly come together? We can be that person that sits at the back of the room and makes it all happen.

Gain peace of mind knowing we will ensure everthing goes smoothly. 

As you would be well aware, you can have the best presentation line-up in the world, but if the technology lets you down, the outcomes can be unthinkable for yourself and your speakers.

We have extensive experience providing powerpoint presention AV support services at both large and small events and conferences. We travel as needed both for rehursals and the event itself.

As a conference organiser, we know you have enough on your plate already – let us help take some of that stress away, by being the professional and helpful interface for your speakers at your next conference.

“We have been working with Kylie over the last decade and consider her contribution to our presentations a key part of delivering an engaging and relevant message, and one that is certainly “To the Point”. Kylie seeks to understand the speakers objectives and then frame the presentation in a way that the message is easily communicated through creative and innovative ideas. Her ability to deliver high quality content on time makes our job easier. We highly recommend her and her work to anyone seeking her services.”
graeme cunningham
Graeme Cunningham
CEO BSR Group (Betta Home Living)
“At Hog’s Breath Cafe we are all about fun, attitude and making a statement. For over 5 years now, Kylie has created animated power point slides for our annual conferences that reflect just that. No matter how urgent the project Kylie always comes through with fantastic ideas and continually meets our deadlines. We highly recommend Kylie and can safely say you won’t be disappointed.”
Head Office
Hogs Breath Café

Our Guarantee

We are highly experienced professional people who get work done ahead of schedule. You will not be left in the dark or left hanging waiting for work to be finished. We have never let anyone down and we have no plans to either.  If for some completely bizzare reason that did happen, we will refund your money. That is our guarantee.

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To discuss your next project or would like more information, give us a call on 0407 138 803 or send us an enquiry. We’ll get back to you asap.

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