Self-publication of Books and Print-on-demand Mentoring

Need help publishing your book? Having a great book idea and getting it out in front of your audience can be daunting at the best of times. We can help explain all the steps and do the book layout, cover design and print preparation, as well as recommend editors. We have access to a Print on Demand company that will also distribute your books on Amazon and many other online outlets.

If you are a first time author, an entrepreneur or previously published author we can help you bypass the confusion of publishing and distribution. We also can help with ebook creation and distribution.

We can help you publish children’s books, novels, manuals, non-fiction, cookbooks, self-help, business books and photographic books etc

With a variety of affordable options designed for all needs and budgets, you can choose exactly what you want for your book. You can opt to use some or all of the services we provide for printed books and ebooks.

These services include: typesetting/design, book cover design, editing, ISBN lodgement, global POD and ebook distribution and more. We are here to assist you, the author, with all aspects of publishing your book. You will not relinquish any of your publishing rights, or royalties, and there are no contracts to sign.

“Kylie has been my one stop shop for publishing for the last 8 years, and in that time she has brought 11 books to life for me, and there's more on the way! These books aren't simple novels, they are detailed books full of graphics and tables and much formatting - even mathmatical equations. I am an author. I write. I don't have the time or inclination to get my books out on the market myself. Having Kylie and her publishing services leaves me the time and space to do what I love - write! I would highly recommend her to anyone."

Our Guarantee

We are highly experienced professional people who get work done ahead of schedule. You will not be left in the dark or left hanging waiting for work to be finished. We have never let anyone down and we have no plans to either.  If for some completely bizzare reason that did happen, we will refund your money. That is our guarantee.

Let's talk

To discuss your next project or would like more information, give us a call on 0407 138 803 or send us an enquiry. We’ll get back to you asap.

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