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We have over 60 years combined experience providing business, not for profits, organisations and individuals with exceptional video, motion graphics and animation services.

“Video is driving an immense amount of growth online for all the major platforms right now,” A quote by the Head of Instagram,  Adam Mosseri.

If you want to grow online, it’s time to start creating video content.

Our work consistently helps our clients communication, share and broadcast their brand messages clearly, effectively and with impact to their intended audiences, both locally and globally.

We employ ‘heart’ and inject emotional intelligence into all projects we create. Clients regularly tell us they not only highly value our work, but additionally value that we are reliable and available when they need us.

  • Each project we undertake is carefully crafted to ensure it is memorable and highly appealing.
  • We use the power of visual storytelling to share your messages. It effectively connects with your audience.
  • We have very refined processes that allow us to meet and exceed deadlines.
  • We make sure we understand your needs, requirements and expectations.
  • We keep you informed during each stage of the project. We also value your input. You will never be kept in the dark.
  • We offer quality, affordable services. Our prices are as affordable as possible, but we never compromise on quality.
  • No hidden fees or charges – we are upfront and honest about our prices. We provide fixed-price quotes so there are no surprises.
  • We give you our full attention during the project and are always available to provide additional support.
  • We offer money-saving retainers to clients who need regular videos created for social media, websites, kiosks, events, expos, etc.

Below is a small selection of some of our animation work:

Our Animation & Motion Graphics Reel

“Kylie and her team were very professional in communicating what was possible, and in placing my trust with her and her team of experts I was able to receive a very professional animation with professional voice overs initially in Australian English and since has been customised to other languages such as Dutch, Finnish, Spanish etc. A great job and pleasure to work with where the outcome exceeded expectations and costs were great value.”
james sankar
James Sankar
Director, Applications & Services, AARNet
Eduroam Slide
Play Video
Play Video
Helping Heros slide
Play Video

2D and 3D Animation

Right now your ideal market is being bombarded with advertising and marketing messages; you need a way to cut through all the ‘noise’ and get your message heard and your brand noticed. The solution: Highly effective 2D and 3D animation…

Our creative, humorous and highly skilled animators, scriptwriters, voice talent and film editors can take your ideas and bring them to life. 

If you already have an amazing idea, we will bring it to life!
Perhaps though you are a little lost for ideas? That is no worries; we have been conceiving highly creative animations for clients for years!

We thrive and excel at creating videos and animations that are not only entertaining, but most importantly effectively achieve your objectives, whether they be related to Branding, Selling, Education or Entertainment.

Developing engaging animations requires a range of specialist skills to do the job right. The creative team at To The Point Productions have been at the forefront of the animation industry for years. We have the skill, technology and creative flair to get your job completed on-time, on-budget and to the highest professional quality standards!

Breathe life into your project with our specialist 2d and 3d animations.

2d Animation Services:
  • Traditional 2D Animation
  • Logo Animations
  • Motion Graphics
  • Animatics (Animated Storyboards for concept presentations)
  • Webinar animations
  • Explainer videos
  • Social media Gifs
  • Multi-layered Compositing
3D Animation Services:
  • 3D Animated Characters
  • Simulations
  • Modelling
  • Architectural Walkthroughs
  • 3D Logo Animations
  • Special Effects

We also work with small businesses

Bring your brand and productions to life and capture your audience’s attention with creative 2d or 3d animations.

Perhaps you have not yet utilised video or animation within your marketing and advertising? Or perhaps you have tried it but were not happy with the quality or the results?

We know that lacklustre work only produces lacklustre results. On the other hand, high quality work yields high quality results!

We only produce high quality work! We are experts! 

With your ideal customer target audience in mind, we craft video and/or animation content that will capture their attention, emotionally engage them, convey your messages clearly and be memorable. 

Our Guarantee

We are highly experienced professional people who get work done ahead of schedule. You will not be left in the dark or left hanging waiting for work to be finished. We have never let anyone down and we have no plans to either.  If for some completely bizzare reason that did happen, we will refund your money. That is our guarantee.

Let's talk

To discuss your next project or would like more information, give us a call on 0407 138 803 or send us an enquiry. We’ll get back to you asap.

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