Case Study – Animated Explainers: AARNet

The Client:

AARNet is a not-for-profit company that provides ultra high-speed Internet and communications services only to Australia’s research and education sector. Their customers are universities, research institutes, cultural organisations, schools and vocational training providers.

The Brief(s):

Working with this client for over 5 years, we were asked to produce a series of videos that highlighted the benefits of the various technology products on offer, in a light and fun way.

  • The messages were to be easy to understand.
  • They were to encourage the ‘uptake’ of technologies available to educational institutions.
  • They were to be as short as possible, to explain what was needed.

Our Solution(s):

  • Technology can be a bit dry and technical – so we decided that animation would give us the biggest scope to illustrate points without being constrained to ‘real world limitations’.
  • Humour and lightness help engage the viewer and leave them feeling good about investigating the technology on offer further.
  • Hand drawn characters and animation style make the technology seem as user friendly as possible.
  • Sound effects and music track to combine with narration add to a rich and interesting delivery.
  • A Team encompassing, script writer, producer, audio facility and animator were engaged to do these videos.

The Outcome:

After the first animation was completed, the client kept coming back for more over the years! This is testament to the effectiveness of the messages conveyed.

  • Some of the videos were re voiced for many parts of the world, with graphics changed to suit.
  • There was a good response from the viewers, with a good uptake of the products available to the institutions.
  • The videos enabled the sales staff to break the ice with the videos to watch before the info pitch.
  • The videos were shown at conferences and tech events.
“Kylie was very professional in communicating what was possible and in placing my trust with her and her team of experts I was able to receive very professional animations with professional voice overs initially in Australian English and some have since been customised into other languages such as Dutch, Finnish, etc. A great job is guaranteed, and Kylie and her team are a pleasure to work with where the outcomes always exceeded expectations and costs were great value.”
james sankar
James Sankar
Director, Applications & Services, AARNet

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